Sir Dwayne and Green Dwight.

Sir Dwayne and Green Dwight. By Joe Drivdahl Once there was a motorcycle cowboy named Sir Dwayne. No one knew where he acquired the moniker, “Sir”, the way no one knew why other guys in the club were known as “Smoke”, and “Big Harry.” Anyway, Sir Dwayne rode a Harley Davidson, like most bikers. Dwayne’s […]

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Growing Up at a Motel

Once a friend and I pilfered a couple of my dad’s Camels and climbed high up in the tree to smoke them. That’s the closest I ever came to falling. We both got so dizzy from the cigarettes we had great difficulty climbing down. It was hard enough just hanging on let alone climbing out of the tree too. But we made it. I think we both puked once we finally got out of the tree.

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Freelance Writer

Welcome to my Site I recently retired from teaching. for 20 years I taught college-level courses at Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana. During my tenure, I taught courses in Writing, Business, Computer Applications, and Computer Programming. I served as the co-director of the Web Development Program which gave me experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, […]

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